Family Member Information and Updates

Just for family members of individuals living or receiving services on the Jennings campus, you will find helpful information, such as monthly life enrichment calendars, Mass schedule and up-to-date contact lists. Please feel free to download materials. If you have questions or would like to offer feedback about information you might find helpful please email or call Lisa Brazytis, Director of Marketing, at (216) 581-2902, ext. 2297.

Calendars (Click on the title to download)

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Catholic Mass and Rosary Schedule

Jennings offers daily Catholic Mass and Rosary in our on-site Holy Spirit Chapel. Times are as follows, but are subject to change for holidays, special events or funeral services.

  • Daily Mass: Every day at 9:30a.m.
  • Chaplet of Divine Mercy at 3:00p.m.; Rosary at 3:15p.m.

There are services for other denominations. Due to the irregularity of these services, please speak to your social worker or life enrichment staff member. 

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Electronic proximity key cards

Please note that the main entrance is locked at all times. Visitors may press the call button at the entrance to request entry. Visitors who will be visiting frequently may wish to request an electronic proximity key card. Please complete the form below and return it to the receptionist for your key.

  • [download id=”137″]

Now available: Jennings Hospice and Jennings Home Care

Jennings Hospice: Early access to hospice care and support can help individuals and their families make supported choices about managing care. Find out how and when our palliative care or hospice can benefit a loved one. [download id=”141″]

Jennings Home Care: Jennings Home Care provides quality services that help individuals recover in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. Find out how Jennings Home Care can help you continue your successful recovery. [download id=”143″]


Individuals may request certain information by completing the necessary form. Please find the appropriate form that best meets your particular request. Each of these forms has been saved as a pdf for the best portability regardless of software.

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  • [download id=”133″]