Spirituality and You: All the Joy You Need

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

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Thirteenth Century priest Thomas Aquinas once said, “No one can live without joy.” But many people do live joyless lives. And the reason is often simply because they don’t know how to be happy. They are so intent on the three P’s – power, prosperity and prestige – that they miss out on simple joy.

We cannot avoid pain, however hard we try. But we can avoid joy. We cannot escape hardship and trouble, but we can miss out on much of life’s peace and laughter.

If you feel as if you could use more joy, here are a few tips:
-Do something today just for the fun of it.
-Decide to fill your thoughts with less anxiety and more peace.
-Laugh a little more. A little more heartily and a little more often.
-Practice a hopeful attitude.
-Love as much as you can. Love people. Love experiences. Love ideas. Love beauty. In short — love life.
-You may occasionally find yourself amid life’s rubble. But strangely – even there you can discover joy.

It’s one of the beautiful contradictions of life.

— Steve Goodier, www.lifesupportsystem.com

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