Stewardship towards environment is important on Earth Day and all year

Sunday, April 22, 2018

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Earth Day is a good time to evaluate stewardship to the environment. An important part of stewardship is caring for the environment. With the implementation of recycling and LED lighting, Jennings is making a difference while also finding an operational impact.

Earth Day 2018

Jennings began an organizational-wide recycling effort several years ago with a grant from The Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District and an installation of a community paper recycling unit. Jennings’ Director of Environmental Services Doug Bartchak said that once the recycling program was in place he was able to look at other initiatives and “reduce the garbage by 50%; thereby reducing the number of pick-ups from 6 days per week to 3 days per week.”
From that program’s success, the environmental services team created a plan for outdoor light installation. The team estimated that Jennings would save nearly $10,000 annually, with the project paying for itself in under two years. However, Jennings has already seen a savings. “Previously the energy from 81 outdoor lights was estimated at 95,158 kWH annually,” Mr. Bartchak explained. “After the LED installation, the lights only use an estimated 20,037 kWH annually.”
Mr. Bartchak also notes that the savings comes not only in energy and cost, but also in maintenance. He expects a savings in supplies, labor and lift rentals to be around $2,500 annually. “This is a very successful initiative for Jennings,” says Mr. Bartchak. “Being environmentally responsible is important, but saving resources in money and labor is important also.”
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