Thanking physicians on the Feast of St. Luke

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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We celebrate the feast day of St. Luke, patron saint of physicians, on October 18 and celebrate physicians who continue to provide compassionate care. We are grateful for the physicians that care for individuals at Jennings, as well as the many other doctors and surgeons who touch our lives. St. Luke, care for their gentle hearts and hands!

St. Luke is often recognized as the first Christian physician. According to Franciscan Media, tradition holds him to be a native of Antioch, and Paul calls him “our beloved physician.” His Gospel was probably written between 70 and 85 A.D. Reflecting on physicians, we can pray:

Good and gracious God,
You are the source of all healing. In you we have a share of the wonderful ministry we call “healing presence.” Today, we honor physicians for the excellent care they give and how they serve as role models for others. We know what we truly celebrate is the way your grace moves through each of them to reveal your healing touch, your compassionate glance, your consoling words. Bless them in a special way today and strengthen them so they might continue to be your healing presence to others.

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