Spirituality and You: Listen Up

Monday, May 1, 2017

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“When people speak from outrage and anger, when they talk about arguments and conflicts, listen carefully. They are telling you what is important to them. They are telling you their values.”
–Hildy Gottlieb

In this quote, Hildy encourages us to listen up. When people talk blame and conflict they are really talking about values. As she instructs: reframe the blame and conflict into values and see beyond the story.

When you are caught in a maze of blame, anger and conflict, ask yourself these questions:
–What is important to that person? Ask this several times if necessary until the answer seems right.
–What is important about that?
–Why is that important to him/her?

Listen through the lens of compassion so you can unlock your next steps. This approach is part of the process that Hildy calls Catalytic Thinking. It is an important and effective method of bringing people together.

–Charter for Compassion.org<http://Compassion.org>

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