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Friday, October 13, 2017

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Congratulations to Jennings #volunteer Chuck! He was honored as a 2017 Medical Mutual Northeast Ohio Outstanding Senior Volunteer Platinum Award winner for his outstanding contributions as a volunteer. He was recognized during a luncheon Thursday, October 13 at Landerhaven, where all the finalists were announced for their service to the community.

The nomination read:

When it comes to enhancing the lives and well–being of others, Charles “Chuck” Morelli stands out above the rest. Chuck volunteers in many areas around Jennings. The assignment closest to his heart though, is the one he holds in one of Jennings Memory Care neighborhoods. Every Tuesday Chuck can be found assisting the nursing staff and leading a group of Dementia residents in light exercise and other activities designed to help engage them. Chucks beloved wife suffered from Dementia and his desire to help other sufferers and to understand this terrible disease better is inspiring. In addition, Chuck volunteers with Jennings Hospice patients. He visits with them, talking and praying and bringing them peace and comfort. Chucks assistance does not stop there. He makes himself available to the staff assisting with office tasks in Development, Human Resources and Volunteer Services. He also assists with Life Enrichment, Special Programming, younger volunteer mentoring and pretty much anything else he is asked to do.

Recently Jennings hosted a group of High School students who were doing a program on empathy. Being a United States Air Force Major, retired Teacher and High School Administrator, Chuck was able to bring a unique perspective to the discussion group with the students. They were so impressed by him that they asked for him to return to assist them with their next program.
No one knows exactly how many hours Chuck volunteers. Despite our best efforts to get him to sign in, he feels that getting credit for the many things that he does for Jennings, somehow diminishes their effect. We estimate that he puts in roughly 80 hours a month, or 20 hours per week. Recently, while assisting me with weekly data entry, I noticed that Chuck seemed uncomfortable. He said he was just a little under the weather. I asked him if he would like to reschedule with me and he insisted that he did not as the “job needs to get done”.

Chuck is truly one of a kind. If you find a more dedicated individual who enhances the lives of those around them the way that Charles “Chuck” Morelli does, please refer them to Jennings!

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