Please Pardon our Dust!

Parking Lot Repairs in July 2018

In July, Jennings will have a phased project to improve our Garfield Heights campus driveways. 

UPDATE for July 10-15

The major work on the east driveway is complete. This week work will continue as follows:

  • Tuesday, July 10: parking lot repaving in St. Rita Apartment parking lot, the staff second shift parking lot and the west end of the parking lot near St. Agnes Terrace Apartments. We are asking individuals to refrain from parking in those areas on this day.
  • Thursday, July 11: parking lot repaving in the northern part of the St.Rita Apartment parking lot and repaving on the east end of the St. Agnes Terrace Apartment parking lot as well as the driveway and parking lot near Jennings Manor. Please refrain from parking in those areas on this day.
  • Sunday, July 15: The west driveway (near the adult day services and child care entrance) including areas near the villa home cul-de-sac and convent will be repaved. Additionally near the main entrance, we will repave the parking spots closest to building in our main parking lot. Please refrain from parking or driving in these areas.

Please note that we have discussed this project with our safety and emergency services. Emergency vehicles will have normal, immediate access through the construction area during the entire project.

Thank you in advance for your patience while we work quickly on this improvement. If you have additional questions, please call (216) 581-2900.

Update for July 5-7:

The heaviest work will take place on July 5, 6, and 7 at the main (east) entrance. A representative will be on the driveway  to assist visitors. Due to this repaving, cars will rerouted to the west entrance driveway, but there will be some visitor parking spots in the front near the main entrance.